Add Natural Sweetness To Everyday Eating With Natural Basra Date Syrup!
Posted on 05/07/2017 in Natural Basra
Basra Date Syrup

When you want to buy a sweetener or sugar, there are many choices available. Refined white sugar can spike blood sugar levels, and has been stripped of all its naturally healthy elements. On the other hand, artificial, man-made sweeteners are filled with dangerous, foul tasting chemicals. So what should you choose if you are looking for a natural sweetener that is healthier for you and your family? You should try Basra Date Syrup!

Basra Date Syrup is fast becoming a popular choice for families who want to enjoy a fresh and natural tasting sweetener that is less fattening and contains pure ingredients. It’s estimated that you can get a level of sweetness from one spoonful of Basra Date Syrup with up to a third less sugar than you can from table sugar! Basra Date Syrup is made from pure dates that have been cooked down, so it keeps all the dietary fibre, iron, and vitamins found in the date fruit.

So what can you use Basra Date Syrup for?

Anything that you want to! Here are some ideas to get you going:


Add a teaspoon or two of Basra Date Syrup to sweeten your tea and coffee in the morning naturally. You can also mix it with some tahini (natural sesame paste) and eat it on bread or toast. Drizzle it over some yoghurt with nuts, muesli and fruit for a healthy and wholesome breakfast. You can even add it to a smoothie!


Basra Date Syrup can bring out the natural flavours and sweetness of vegetables like carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, squashes, and pumpkins. Add just a little bit of it with some oil, salt and pepper and then add the mixture to a tray of vegetables. Allow them to roast in the oven.


If you like sticky, sweet and crispy ribs and chicken, then you should try adding some Basra Date Syrup to a simple marinade. This gives a Middle Eastern spin to a Chinese recipe if you mix it with garlic, soya sauce, lemon juice and your choice of herbs. Coat the meat thoroughly before placing it in the oven. Cook until crispy.

There’s no limit to what you can do with Basra Date Syrup, so stock up on some bottles today!

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