With Golden Pheasant Tomato Paste, A Little Goes A Long Way!
Posted on 10/07/2017 in Tomato Paste
Pure Tomato paste

When you’re preparing meals for your family or yourself, you want to use the best ingredients so that your dishes are tasty and nutritious. There’s nothing worse than purchasing a product, only to find out that it has a bland flavour or is of poor quality. Using Golden Pheasant Tomato Paste will never give you that problem. The paste has been manufactured at the same location in Hungary for over 75 years and has developed a reputation for being a quality paste that goes a long way.

Here’s why you should consider using it in your next dish:

Unlike many other tomato pastes on the market, you won’t find any preservatives, additives or dyes in Golden Pheasant Tomato Paste. It is made from real tomatoes and is heart friendly, and suitable for people with diabetes. It’s also gluten and lactose-free. It’s no surprise that the Golden Pheasant brand is popular in over 58 countries and that it has won many Hungarian Product Prizes.

If you want to judge for yourself whether Golden Pheasant Tomato Paste does what it promises, all you need to do is open a can and see for yourself. The actual paste inside is very thick and has a rich red colour and authentic aroma. You will find that whatever you include it in, you’ll only need a small amount to enjoy all the colour and flavour it provides. The great thing about Golden Pheasant Tomato Paste is that you can add whatever herbs and flavourings you like to it, which makes it suitable for almost any dish.

The most common use of Golden Pheasant Tomato Paste is to enhance sauces. Seeing as you only need a teaspoon or so for a cup of sauce, it is a very economical way to enhance the flavour of pasta sauces, homemade marinades and can be added to stews and casseroles for the same reason.

It’s clear that if you’re looking for a tomato paste that is a cut above the rest in quality, you will find it in Golden Pheasant Tomato Paste, so make sure you add it to your next shopping list.