Why Rice Is A Perfect Addition To Any Family Meal!
Posted on 05/05/2017 in Family Meal
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Wondering what to prepare for dinner for the family this evening? Whatever you decide to cook, rice would make the perfect side dish. With rice, a little goes a long way and cooking just one cup can produce three cups of cooked rice! Not only is rice a delicious addition to any meal, but it’s also incredibly healthy. Just make sure you choose a brand that’s low GI, Cholesterol and GMO-free, Aged, and that doesn’t contain artificial colourants. Here are some ideas for preparing rice for your next family meal:

Make A Traditional Stew – you can prepare a tasty and thick stew with rice as the base, and it can be vegetarian or contain meat. Simmer some tomatoes and turmeric with oil, add some lemon juice and then add some prepared slices of eggplant and fried onions. You can serve it alone or add poultry or lamb.

Make Crunchy Rice – Crunchy rice (or Tahdig as it is known in Persian cooking) is a delicious side dish. All you have to do is prepare rice in a pot or pan and wait for it to stick to the bottom until it gets a lovely golden brown colour. You can add seasonings and butter to make the taste even better, and it’s a dish that every member of the family loves to eat.

Make Jewelled Rice – Not only is jewelled rice delicious but it also looks attractive too! Preparing Rice with nuts and dried fruit makes for a sweet and savoury dish that people often cook when they have guests coming over. Pick your favourite nuts (pistachios and almonds), and you can even add a little saffron for its distinctive colour.

If you’re looking for a good source of quality imported rice that you can use to prepare all the above dishes, we would recommend a brand like Magic Rice. Magic rice is very popular in Australia amongst chefs and home cooks. Magic Basmati Rice is extra fine, highly aromatic and elongates almost double upon cooking. The soft and non-sticky rice add a new dimension to every meal. This rice has won “fluffiest ever” according to “The riceman cometh”, Simon Thomsen restaurant review in Daily Telegraph Tuesday, April 19, 2011. If you’re interested in placing an order for Magic Rice, please contact EuroAsia for assistance.

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