Stay refreshed all day with a cup of Al-Otuor tea!
Posted on 10/06/2017 in Al-Otuor tea

When people wake up in the morning, many need a hot drink to get them going, but traditional drinks like coffee are full of stimulating caffeine and with sugar, which can make your energy levels slump after a while. You also cannot relax in the evening with a cup of coffee, as the ingredients will keep you up all night. What can a person drink when they need a refreshing hot beverage that can be enjoyed from sunrise to sunset?

We recommend you try Al-Otuor tea!

With so many varieties to choose from, there’s a flavour of Al-Otuor tea to suit everyone. Here are a few ways that you can enjoy the different flavours of tea:

  • For calming:

Al-Otuor Camomile tea has a mild and pleasant taste. Many people find this tea so relaxing that they enjoy having it at night before sleeping. It can also be enjoyed by everyone in the family.

  • For digestion:

Al-Otuor Cardamom tea is an excellent way to enjoy this spice, which is usually found in Middle-Eastern and Persian dishes. Many experts say that drinking this tea aids in digestion, and can help ease cramping, stomach ache, and heartburn.

  • For guests:

If you are having friends or family over for tea, and plan to serve them some baked goods like cookies, cakes, or scones, then you should consider serving Al-Otuor Earl Grey tea. This tea gets its unusual fragrance and flavour from the bergamot orange.

  • For energy:

If you want a healthier alternative to coffee, then choose Al-Otuor Green Tea. This tea contains caffeine as well as antioxidants, polyphenols and is a great drink to consume for your health.

  • For slimming:

If you’re aiming for weight loss, then you need to try Al-Otuor Slimming Tea. It will give you energy and naturally reduce your appetite while keeping you full.

These are just some of the flavours of Al-Otuor tea that you can buy. You can enjoy each flavour of tea as you wish, as it comes in teabags or loose tea leaves. Just choose the one that you prefer, and order it directly from EuroAsia.

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