Enjoy Persian cuisine in the comfort of your own home!
Posted on 17/08/2017 in Persian cuisine

Persian style food impacted a vast geographic area, spanning countries from Egypt and Algeria in the west, to Saudi Arabia and Turkey in the east. While dozens of countries and cultures have had a unique impact on Persian style cooking, they all have plenty in common, which is why Persian cuisine is incredibly popular all over the world. If you want to enjoy a taste of these exotic countries in the comfort of your home, there are a few core ingredients you should consider which will form the basis of your Persian cuisine adventures. Here’s what you should focus on during your next shopping trip:

  • Exotic rice styles: Rice is an essential ingredient in Persian style cooking. It forms the basis of many side dishes, and you can eat it as an accompaniment to meat and vegetable dishes. Unlike other Asian countries, Persian style rice is usually prepared in a fluffy style, and not in a sticky style. Popular types of rice include Shomal Basmati rice, Golden Shomal, and Shiraz Basmati rice. All of them are fluffy and have an incredible taste and aroma. When you cook your Persian style rice, you need to add some oil. Make sure to add some Askari Sunflower, Canola, Corn, or Vegetable oil.
  • Date Syrup: Basra Date syrup is a versatile product that is an excellent and healthy sweetener. Not many people know that date syrup can also be added to vegetables like carrots to give them a great tasting, exotic flavour. Basra Date syrup can also be used as a marinade to give the poultry and meat a delicious Persian taste. You can even give your breakfast an exotic twist by spreading some date syrup on your Persian bread or eat it with sesame paste (tahini) on some toast. The great thing about Basra Date Syrup is that it’s all natural and does not have any additives.
  • Teas: Persians like their tea to be aromatic and warm when it’s served. Al-Otour Tea is a particularly popular beverage, and it will refresh you in an instant. Traditional tea flavours are based on herbs and spices such as mint and cardamom to invigorate the palate after a delicious Persian meal. A cup of tea is usually served without milk, but with some sugar or with sweets such as Chiko Sweets candy.

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