Enjoy a sweet treat with vegetarian and Halal Chiko Sweets from EuroAsia!
Posted on 25/06/2017 in Family Meal
Chiko sweets

There are very few people who don’t love candy. Offer someone a sweet and even the most dedicated dieter will have a hard time saying “no”. That’s because candy is the perfect bite-sized treat. It reminds us of childhood, where we would receive candy as rewards from parents and teachers for doing well on tests or cleaning our rooms. If you’re looking to enjoy a new brand of sweet with an exotic twist, then we recommend you try Chiko Sweets, which have been imported by EuroAsia.

Chiko Sweets are available in delicious eclairs and toffees. Our brand of Milk Eclairs are soft caramels with a milky middle, Chocolate Eclairs have a chocolate centre, Honey Eclairs have a honey and chocolate centre, and our Mint Eclairs have a mint chocolate centre. Our range of toffees is just as delicious with plenty of variety, no matter what flavour you feel like having. You can choose between Fruit-O-Licious Assorted Fruit Chews, Royale Milk Caramels, Royale Cardamon Caramels, Butter Tops Butter Caramels, Kokonata Coconut Caramels, Koffy Coffee Toffees and Milkies Assorted Milk Toffees. As you can see, there’s something for everyone!

If you’re inviting guests over for dinner, why not offer them a Chiko Mint Eclair or Royale Cardamon Caramel for dessert? Cardamon is known to help people digest their food after a heavy meal, and mint will leave a pleasant taste in their palates when the meal is finished. These delicious sweets can be served with tea or coffee, and guests are sure to love them.

The next time you have a birthday party for a child, you can use Chiko candies in many different ways. If you are giving each child a party bag for attending, you can throw in an assortment of eclairs and toffees that they can enjoy at home. You can also use your imagination, and use a few unwrapped Toffees to decorate the top of a cupcake or birthday cake. This is something that kids really love and will appreciate.

To order from the range of Chiko sweets, all you have to do is contact EuroAsia, who import the sweets directly or visit your nearest grocery shop.

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